Mt. Nittany UMC 


Mt. Nittany UMC

Staff-Parish Relations Committee


Works closely with the pastor and staff concerning their relationship with the congregation and the entire work of the church.  This committee is in essence the personnel committee of the pastoral charge.  The committee is to be sensitive to the opinions and concerns of the congregation concerning the pastor and staff.  It is to confer with the district superintendent or the bishop concerning the appointment of the pastor for the church.  The committee recommends the salary to the Charge Conference.  It consists of from five to nine members of the pastoral charge.  


Patty DeCapria (Chair)


Class of 2021 Class of 2020 Class of 2019

Pat Weaver                          Ellen Copper                       Dawn Edmiston

Robert Jones                       Joyce Fellows                     Barb Derzak

Cindy Boliek                                                                       Stephanie Ball