Mt. Nittany UMC 


Mt. Nittany UMC

Administration of the Sacraments


There is nothing as spiritually significant as in the sharing of the sacraments.  In the United Methodist Church, we observe two sacraments; Holy Communion and Baptism.  

Holy Communion is a sacrament of remembrance as we reflect upon the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.  But it is also a sacrament of promise, the promise of forgiveness and everlasting life.  Holy Communion is experienced on the first Sunday of every month and at other special times throughout the year.  It is offered a number of ways; through intinction (dipping of the bread into the chalice), in the pews with the bread and juice passed by the ushers, and at the communion rail where we are able to kneel as we receive.  


As United Methodists, we observe OPEN communion, and as such is open to all who earnestly repent of their sins, love Jesus Christ, and seek to live in peace with one another.  


If you are in the hospital, nursing home, or home bound, please contact the church office and have a home communion visit scheduled.  Every month a team of laity serve those who cannot attend here.  

Baptism in the United Methodist Church is a sacrament which demonstrates our desire to publicly profess our following of Jesus Christ.  We share the baptism with people of any age, newborn through just prior to death.  We experience it in a number of ways as well; either through sprinkling or full body immersion.  


Before anyone can be baptized, they or their parent/guardian must meet with the pastor to discuss the meaning and significance of this blessed event.  Please schedule through the Office Manager (814) 237-3549.