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The Giving Garden at Mt Nittany started in 2014 and provides free produce without condition to our neighbors, social service agencies, food banks, and our congregation. The garden is about 1,000 sq ft and we grow everything from asparagus and spinach to raspberries and tomatos. We deliver to the Women's Resource Center shelter in downtown State College, as well as the transitional housing shelter, Centre House, and The Mommy Shoppe ministry of the Houserville United Methodist Church, aka the House of Hope. We also hand out zucchini and chard to people out for a walk if we can talk them into it!


Families with a need are welcome to stop anytime and harvest what they can use in a day. No one will question you, or think it strange that you are there. Seniors who miss that fresh vegetable garden, or parents of preschoolers who want to try a new food are equally welcome to stop by. The garden is directly behind the church -- you really can't miss it. We do have nets on the garden beds so watch your feet when you are walking around. From late May through early October we often set up baskets of produce between services on Sunday mornings, so you can catch us then, too.


Would you like to help? There's always room for more people and we'd love to meet you! Don't worry at all about having any experience, it's really truly not necessary. Children are also welcome to help -- it's a great family activity. The mission of the garden is not only to provide produce, but an opportunity for fellowship and faithful service. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, we have meaningful work with fun people.


If you are interested in starting a Giving Garden at another church or location, please let us know. We'd be excited to talk and help you  get started! If you know of a family or person who could use a bag full of veggies, (or if you'd like to join the gardeners) give the church office a call at 237-3549.

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