Rev. Michael S. Swimley, Senior Pastor

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I am a firm believer that our faith grows throughout our lives.  What we once believed will evolve and grow as we journey with God and follow the example of Jesus' life.


With this in mind, I am passionate for people to have a relationship with God that is healthy and growing.  I desire for people to understand scripture from the perspective of its context as well as how it applies to us today.  I strive to help people see the love of God, even in the midst of the hurt caused in the past and present.  I believe in every human being made in the image of God and as such a beloved child of exceptions.


The guiding principle of my ministry has been the call to love God, love neighbor, and love self.  None of these can be accomplished without the others.  Feel free to connect, I look forward to hearing from you and walking this journey of faith with you.

Pastor Mike

Patty DeCapria, Lay Leader & Children and Youth Coord.

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James Beatty, Minister of Music

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Jodie Miller, Administrative Assistant

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Michael Boliek, IT Director

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Amy Williams, Finance Director

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Todd Naylor, Building Maintenance

Kelly Clemons, Janitor

Jessica Bickel, Nursery Care

Mary Johnston, Nursery Care