United Methodist Church

Christopher Kostyn Passante, Senior Pastor

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I am passionate about witnessing God moving in the lives of the faithful we call the Church and seeing the outward expression of God’s love shine through our community and world.

I am always energized and ready to dream, worship, vision and pray with you, and to watch all that God wills come to joyous fruition. My prayer is that together, we will continue to exponentially share and expand the Light of Jesus Christ as a true City on a Hill. State College is a wonderfully rich and diverse mission field in which to minister, and Mount Nittany Church is right at the heart of this community. It is here that God calls each and every one of us to use the spiritual gifts God has blessed us with to be good caretakers of one another and all of creation.

I am blessed to have my two sons, Kostyn, 14, and Evan, 12, a couple of crazy dogs and a cat, all here with me in the Lemont parsonage. It’s here that we work, play, fellowship and worship, and it’s here where we come together to listen to stories, to discover new expressions of faith, to witness to God’s abundant love, and to share in this story we call our lives.

Please feel free to call, text or email me.
I look forward to writing our faith stories together!

Stephanie Ball, Children and Youth Coord

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Patty DeCapria, Lay Leader

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James Beatty, Minister of Music

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Jodie Miller, Administrative Assistant

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Michael Boliek, IT Director

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Amy Williams, Finance Director

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Todd Naylor, Building Maintenance

Kelly Clemons, Janitor

Jessica Bickel, Nursery Care

Mary Johnston, Nursery Care