Mt. Nittany UMC 


Mt. Nittany UMC


August 28, 2018


An e-mail from Brian Peters to Pastor Ed:


This weekend we are remembering Hurricane Harvey that devastated our community and uprooted our lives.  We held an open house yesterday and collected items for Relief Kits for UMCOR.  Today, our service focused on looking back on Harvey and looking forward to continue recovery. One item shared was the outpouring of support from other UM churches including Mt. Nittany in the heart of PA.  Remembering requires reflection on the good and the bad of that event.


Nobody is ever really prepared for disaster, but in spite of our misfortune we pushed through the many months of toil and trouble.  There were weeks of labor to basically destroy what was our home so that it could be rebuilt.  There were months of frustration with red tape and the many hoops to jump through for assistance.  It took 8 months until our home was in a condition in which we could move back in while the rebuild continued.


This weekend we can remember an event that changed our lives forever and celebrate that we once again have a beautiful home.


What we really remember and celebrate are the thoughts, prayers, and acts of kindness from friends both near and far.  When we were at our deepest frustration and the end of our rope we began to receive solace, comfort, and the uplifting spirit from friends like you at Mt. Nittany United Methodist Church.  Twenty-five years of being part of that family can never be erased.


Again, Paula and I thank you.